Code of Conduct

Shaded Savanna (Pty) Ltd aspires to provide the best Digital Marketing service and by doing so, ensuring we grow the success of the businesses we partner with.

As an employee of Shaded Savanna (Pty) Ltd you are required to know and abide by this Code of Conduct, failing to do so, can result in the termination of your employment.

1. Client Service

1.1. Our mission is to provide the best Digital Marketing service and how we achieve that is by setting a very high standard for client service.

1.2. Ensure you are always polite, well mannered, friendly and approachable toward clients.

1.3. Always reply to any client correspondence in a timely manner and urgent matters should be addressed immediately.

1.4. Be a source of trust, guidance and knowledge.

1.5. Provide clients with solutions to any of their problems.

1.6. Serve the client well and keep the client satisfied.

2. Integrity

2.1. Cultivate trust and respect in your relationships with clients and colleagues.

2.2. Always be accountable for your actions.

2.3. Ensure positive interactions with clients, colleagues or the public as you are an ambassador of Shaded Savanna (Pty) Ltd.

3. Client Privacy

3.1. Never divulge or disseminate a client’s private information such as personal information, banking details, client contracts, emails or other correspondence or any campaign related information.

4. At Work

4.1. Always cultivate a supportive, respectful and friendly work environment with your colleagues.

5. Discrimination and Harassment

5.1. No discrimination or harassment, of any kind, toward clients, colleagues or the public will be tolerated.

6. Conflict of Interest

6.1. Ensure that you do not participate in any action that can lead to a conflict of interest that may have a negative effect on Shaded Savanna (Pty) Ltd, such as, but not limited to:

6.1.1. Disseminating any of Shaded Savanna’s (Pty) Ltd business information to Shaded Savanna’s competitors;

6.1.2. Disseminating any of Shaded Savanna’s (Pty) Ltd client information to the client’s competitors.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. Unauthorized usage of Shaded Savanna’s (Pty) Ltd intellectual property is prohibited.

7.2. Unauthorized usage of Shaded Savanna’s (Pty) Ltd clients’ intellectual property is prohibited.

8. Accounting and Financial Reports

8.1. Shaded Savanna (Pty) Ltd prides itself in the accurate and precise collection and reporting of accounting and financial information.

8.2. Always ensure that revenue and expenses are recorded accurately and supported by the relevant invoices or statements.

9. Record Retention

9.1. All data or information records are necessary to substantiate any business, financial, campaign or litigation actions.

9.2. Do not destroy any records that are related to the business, such as, but not limited to:

9.2.1. Financial statements or invoices;

9.2.2. Campaign data;

9.2.3. Emails, SMS’s, Hangouts Chats, or other correspondence;

9.2.4. Phone call logs;

9.2.5. Meeting minutes;

9.2.6. Business folders or documents;

9.2.7. Web browser history.

10. The Law

10.1. Abide by all South African laws or industry specific policies, rules or regulations.