How Does Payment Structure Work?

We keep our payment accounts and our clients’ Google Ads payment accounts separate, both for clarity on Ad Spend and clarity on the part of what is owed to whom.

Our service fees are to be paid directly to us on a monthly basis via a debit order.

Any advertising fees from your campaign in Google Ads should be paid directly to Google.

Google Ads is connected to your bank account and will deduct the amount that has been accrued for advertising spend automatically on the 1st of the month, or when your account has reached a predetermined threshold amount, whichever comes first.

Google determines a threshold and amounts are unique to each account – your threshold may increase multiple times until your final threshold amount is reached. If your account accrues costs very quickly, the amount you are charged may be slightly higher than your threshold but it will never go over your monthly budget.

When costs in your account reach the threshold before the end of the month your threshold will be increased. You can be charged multiple times in a month if your threshold is repeatedly reached.

Some customers also have the option to manually change the frequency of monthly payments in their account.

Manual payments are no longer available in South Africa.