What is Ad Eligibility?

Text Ads are deemed eligible when they have met Google’s criteria. Google reviews every Text Ad to ensure the Text Ad meets advertising guidelines.

Google’s criteria include the Quality Score of the landing page, the relevancy of the Text Ad’s copy to the product or service that is being advertised on the landing page, Text Ad copy and more.

Text Ad copy plays a large role in eligibility. The Text Ad’s text must meet certain requirements – it cannot have exclamation marks, incorrect spelling and cut off words, text that leads into the URL, profanity and other inappropriate content, adult content, irrelevant Text Ad text and more.

A good example of a Text Ad that would never be eligible to show is:

BUY FLATS NOW HERE!!!! | best PrIcEs AROUND!!! | flats.com
Flats To Show Your Man How Good You Are. BESST PRICES ONLINE. Find the ABSOLUTE best flats at…

All Text Ads must be safe for anyone to click on. The above example would never be eligible because it is irrelevant, advertises adult content, uses its landing page in the headline, uses multiple exclamation marks, has incorrect spelling, doesn’t make use of writing Text Ad copy best practices and has Text Ad copy that runs into the URL. It is extreme but a good example of what never to do, nonetheless.

Clickbait is frowned upon and will never be eligible to show. Content must be relevant and worthy of a click.