What is a Callout Extension?

Callout extensions extend your Text Ads by providing information to customers about particular details about your business that set it apart from others – details such as same day shipping, free shipping, 24 hour customer service and the like. 

Callout extensions are great for showcasing what makes your business unique and can give a prospective customer peace of mind that your business has great customer service. These are used for services that you offer all the time and for ones that relate to your products or services, but not directly and are usually focussed around aspects that customers might find appealing, apart from your products or services. 

Callout extensions will show as an additional 2-6 lines of text underneath your regular text and can show at both the top and bottom of the results page. They have a 25 character limit in English and can be changed at any time without affecting performance. Options such as setting specific times, days and dates for callouts to be eligible to show are also available so that they show at the most relevant times to your business. Using callout extensions won’t affect your advertising costs adversely – they cost the same as a normal click

You can expect a callout extension on a Text Ad to look similar to this:

Source: Use callout extensions

Source of image: Google Ads Callout Extension Preview